Spiritual and Self-love Coaching for Women in Sobriety.

Despite being sober for some time, you realize that something deeper is still missing, and it reminds you of why you engaged in addiction in your past. Self-love is at the core of all spiritual practices. We can only thrive in our lives and love others to the extent that we are able to love ourselves. I guide you to explore your inner wisdom to uncover your unconscious patterns that are keeping you from fully accepting yourself. I show you how to create a daily centering and devotional practice that leads you to cultivate self-respect and self-esteem. You will create meaningful relationships, and anything your heart desires. You will love your sobriety.

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My Philosophy

My approach is based on the perspective of Eastern Philosophy and Jungian Psychology. While personal development tends to focus on the conscious mind, our traits and behaviors that we are already aware of, more than 95% of our habits and actions are unconscious.

I help you discover your subconscious behavioral patterns which are preventing you from reaching your goals. This includes teaching you how to work with your repressed emotions to unlock a wellspring of creative energy, vitality, understanding, and inner freedom.

Benefits of the Program

In my view, self-love is at the very core of all of our difficulties, and ultimately our collective global problems. We must first look inside and change ourselves before we can expect to change the world. We work together to identify your soul's yearnings and say yes to them! You learn to live your life with authenticity and integrity, and love your sobriety!

Live a Life of Authenticity & Integrity

Master self-acceptance and love your sobriety.

Love & Fully Accept Yourself

Master self-acceptance and love your sobriety.

Enrich Your Life with Meaningful Relationships

Master self-acceptance and love your sobriety.


The conscious sobriety program

I offer two coaching packages. For more information and current pricing, schedule a free discovery call, and I'll tell you which package is right for you.



Whether you’ve dipped into the waters of personal development or are delving in for the first time, this plan is built for women in sobriety who want to begin to understand their energetic patterns around self-love, and learn to set attainable goals.

  • 6 one-on-one, bi-weekly 50-minute calls..
  • PDF Handouts, worksheets, and quizzes to guide and support your progress.
  • Two personalized recorded guided meditations or visualizations.
  • Email support between calls.
  • Emailed notes/goals from each session and a recording of each session.



Are you a woman in sobriety looking to go deeper in your personal growth? We focus on your innate strengths and ensure you are making choices that align with your values. This program helps build accountability and momentum to carry out the actions needed to reach your goals.

  • 12 one-on-one, bi-weekly 50-minute calls.
  • PDF Handouts, worksheets, and quizzes to guide and support your progress.
  • Three personalized recorded guided meditations or visualizations.
  • Email support between calls.
  • Emailed notes/goals from each session and a recording of each session.

Through our coaching sessions, you will learn how to explore your your unconscious mind, and work through what might be blocking you from reaching your true potential. Download my free meditation below, and sign up for a complimentary discovery call.

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Julie T. - Dallas, TX

"Jenn is a caring and insightful coach. She has the ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and with depth."

Sania J. - Melbourne, Australia

"It has been pleasure working with Jenn. She has a wealth of experience working with people. Her coaching approach is one of kindness and caring. She is a great listener and creative in her coaching."

Ali L. - Toronto, Canada

"Jenn guided me with clarity, compassion, and her unique intuition to see the power of my mind. Her powerful coaching helped me to get unstuck from my conditioned patterns and empower me to reach my goal of creating more meaningful relationships."

The Wall Exercise - A Visualization for Self-love

This is a really helpful and simple visualization that you can practice daily to help you figure out what is stopping you in the area of self-love, a quality which it essential in our day and age.

We're going to ask your unconscious mind what you need to do, or what is stopping you from getting to the other side of the wall to see what is preventing you from loving and accepting yourself fully.


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Listen to the call of your soul!

Our world needs us to do the inner work like never before. Now is the time for transformation. What are you yearning for? You don't have to walk this path alone; I can help you get there.

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